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We all live in New York and we love it but we also know how dirty it can get. Professionally Applied Scotchguard Protects our valuable rug,carpet & upholstery From our day to day routine around the house. The best way to protect your carpet, rug and upholstery and keep it fresh & clean for many years to come, is to apply our scotchguard, for maximal protection. Brooklyn Carpet Service Guarantee Your Home Will Look Cleaner and Fresher for a Longer Time!

Scotchguard Protection:
protect against both oil and water based stains for both carpet and upholstery
Protect against carpet fibers resist soiling
Protect against carpet and upholstery fabric resist stains
Protect against carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer
Creates an invisible barrier between fabric and stains
Prevents dirt from sticking to fibers in fabric.

Effective Vacuuming
Dirt is much more easily released when vacuuming after your carpet and upholstery have been treated with Scotchguard Protection.

Clean up Stains in a Flash
All stains are lifted much more easily because Scotchguard repels liquids. Spills can be blotted up in a blink of an eye!
The best time to apply Scotchguard Protection is right after Flat Rate Carpet`s professional cleaning. We advise you to take advantage of that and keep your carpet, rug or upholstery clean and safe for a much longer period.

Cleaner for Longer
After our technician applies Scotchguard Protection, your carpet and upholstery will become easily vacuumed and stain resistant, making your home look cleaner and fresher for a long time.

Brooklyn Scotchguard™ Carpet /Upholstery Protector
Are well-known. Innovation in cleaning protector has been proved that Scotchguard™ is effective and high quality protector which is a colorless and odorless chemical. After the treatment, there is a transparent barrier to protect the fiber from dust, soil and spills. The barrier is not harmful to the original color, texture and softness of your carpet or furniture. The dirt will stay on the surface of the fibers and would not penetrate the fibers. It can be easily wiped away without any remaining.

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