Synthetic rugs cleaning tips

As rugs are used a lot, there is always a chance of it getting soiled and start smelling. However there's nothing to worry
about this as synthetic rugs cleaning is possible using your regular washing machine.

Though most synthetic materials can be washed in machines, it's better to first clarify by checking the care instructions of
the rug. Then, you have to pre-treat all the stained regions of the rug using a stick or a stain removing spray.

Air-dry or use a dryer to dry your rug
This done, the rug should be placed in the washing machine with some other towels or items so that the machine remains
balanced. This is especially important if you are using a top-loading machine to wash your rug.

Once you add sufficient laundry detergent for the wash, set the machine to wash your synthetic rug in a gentle cycle
with warm water. Once the machine completes the washing cycle, dry the rug by placing it in the dryer on a low-heat

Don't hesitate to call professionals if required
Some synthetic rugs should not be dried In such cases, it's better to just hang the rug over a drying rack, a clothesline or
a shower curtain rod so that the rug air dries.

As a precaution, it's better to first check the condition and quality of the synthetic rug before washing it as some cheaper
rugs have rubber backings that shouldn't be washed in machines It's better to wash these rugs by hand.

In case your machine doesn't tolerate the rug, just wash it in the bathtub However do completely rinse out the soap from
the rug lest its residue ends up attracting more dust and dirt.

Then again, if you are not comfortable with synthetic rugs cleaning, it's better to have professional cleaners take care of
the cleaning of your rug.

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