Rug Steam Cleaning

Rugs often play a special role in a home. They may have been collected after considerable expense, they may have sentimental value, and they probably have been chosen to match your current decor. They may also be one of a kind, and difficult or even impossible to replace. No matter what kind of rugs you have, they need to be treated with care and experience. At Brooklyn Carpet Service, we can handle just about any type of rug, and any type of cleaning it may need. We specialize in careful and effective rug steam cleaning, and know how to do the job right the first time.

The older a prized rug is, the more likely it is to fade and lose its vibrancy. We can restore your rugs so that they look like they did when you bought them. There is no need to think about replacing an expensive rug when our expertise can bring it back to life.

We also know how to deal with stains of all kinds. Trying to clean a stained rug yourself can result in the loss of color or destruction of delicate textiles. Each stain has to be treated as a separate problem and solved correctly - something we are experts at doing. As for dust and dirt, our professional and cost effective rug steam cleaning service will get out the allergens that can cause you and your family health problems while getting your rugs looking brand-new again.

We use the latest professional equipment for rug steam cleaning, and provide this service at a cost you'll be happy with. And of course we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the way your rugs look as well. Our expert rug cleaners are trained and equipped to do the right thing for your rugs. We provide free estimates online for all your rug and carpet cleaning needs, so call or contact Brooklyn Carpet Services today.

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