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What is steam cleaning and what is the deference between Steam Carpet cleaning, shampoo carpet cleaning, deep carpet cleaning or organic carpet cleaning?

Lest start by explaining what is Steam carpet cleaning. Basically its to refresh the carpet, rug or upholstery. It doesn't remove stains, steam cleaning doesn't get rid of bad odors, urine stains or pets hair, steam cleaning doesn't get rid of bed bugs from your mattress, and it doesn't sanitize the rug,carpet or upholstery.

So what dose it do ? Well, like I said it is just a refresher, no one really use this service on its own because most customers need to go well beyond steam cleaning and so dose the carpets,rugs and upholstery. Think of it as if you are washing your hair with just water and then drying it. Will it smell better will it be cleaner will the dirt come out? Well, of course not the same applies to a rug, carpet or upholstery.

If you think about it what is a carpet ?
it a collection of hair from different fabrics,
So when we want to clean our hair we use shampoo, and that is what the rug or carpet requires.

the chemicals dissolves oil in the rug removes odors, stains unwanted hair from pets,coffee stains, Blood stains, juice, wine and many more. The deep cleaning is the same as shampoo cleaning But the technician has to work harder and repeat the process a few times. Or if he has 360 rotating machine like the rotovac then he can offer you the deep cleaning in less time and effort.

Now organic cleaning is the same except that the chemicals are Eco Friendly and safe for kids and the environment.
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