Exploring the Different Carpet Types

Carpet types go beyond different colors and designs. They are actually sorted out better by looking at the material and the way they have been made. Here are some of the popular types of carpet that you can choose from:

Berber can be expensive but it can also be cheap. You can buy an expensive Berber wool carpet or you may opt for the cheaper nylon one. Note that this particular type is growing in popularity because of its durability. Berber also reduces marks made from the vacuum or from your feet.

Cut and Loop Pile
As suggested by its name, it combines cut and looped fibers. This combination creates several levels. Dirt and grime can hide between levels. This could be good or bad, depending on how you see it. It could be good because dirt is not immediately seen. It could be bad because you have to look closer for cleanups.

Cut Pile
This is the most popular among the different carpet types. This must be because it is so luxurious and difficult to crush. So, it almost always looks fluffy and beautiful.

Frieze is actually a type of cut pile carpet. It is best used for informal settings, though. The cut pile layers are highly twisted. The carpet type is designed more for function and not for style. The layering design helps disguise vacuum marks and footprints.

Level-Loop Pile
This type of carpet is highly recommended for high-traffic areas. There are so many layers of loop piles involved here. The carpet backing is supported on either side by several loops of yarn. The level-loop pile carpet is very resistant and durable. It is good for hiding tracks.

Multi-level Loop Pile
This type of carpet is similar to the other loop pile carpets in the sense that there are several layers of loop pile used. In this case though, the loop pile layers are not uniform in height. There may be two to three different loop heights used. This creates an uneven and very random design that could go messy or beautifully unique, depending on how it was made.

If you like soft carpets but do not really care much about durability and track resistance, you may be ok with a Saxony carpet. This type of carpet is recommended for both informal and formal settings. Texture and Textured Saxonies This carpet is mainly used for informal setups, such as children’s bedrooms. It is usually multi-colored, which helps in hiding tracks. It is made with tightly twisted textures.

When you hear the word plush, you think of luxury and comfort. A velvet or plush carpet does provide that. It looks luxurious and has a very soft texture. The carpet is suitable to formal settings. It is not track resistant though. On the other hand, formal setups may require more refined movement that could prevent people walking on the carpet carelessly. It is good to know the different carpet types to see which ones can suit your room best. It is practical to choose beyond the colors and the design.

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